Freelance Illustrator passionate to illustrate Gorgeous character, Mythical and SciFi/mechanical beings.

Base:South East Asia

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Comissioning Availability/ Status: ' 2018 – AVAILABLE – '
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Rafi Adrian Zulkarnain

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-rafiadrian (∂)


Credit Works :

  • "Skylanders Battlecast"
  • "HellMarys"© Hitpoint Studio.
  • "The Powerful NYC"© DeNA Studios Canada.
  • Private graphic ip for title : DarkMOT, Tiger5, Beckii'H', & G Girl. (all © RodwHeels studio).
  • Fantasy Art Templates : fantasy template beginners with author Jean Marie Ward © Quarto publishing Plc U.K.
  • ASIAGRAPH 2008-2011.
  • Published several work on Ballistic publishing Annual art book (Expose & Exotique) : 2006-2012.

Activision HitPoint DeNA Studios Canada Quarto Publishing Plc U.K Ballistic Publishing